Successful school annual funds bridge the gap between students paying hefty tuition fees for operational expenses. In the National Catholic Education Association’s latest Annual Report, school annual funds contributed an average of $31,000 to school operations while en...

Building Relationships with Grantors

How about those Loyola Ramblers? The Cinderella team or underdog (pun intended as they are part of the wolf family) has made it to the Final Four. How can you compete for significant grant funding and come out a winner, too?

It probab...

The sparkly high of the new year with fresh beginnings has dulled, and we are now trudging through the mud of our signature Spring events.  Are the flood waters of event details sweeping your focus away from the donor experience? Take 5, breathe, and zoom out to think...

Asking for money can be a scary  proposition. Managing the proper activities and orchestrating a team of people to conduct these activities can be overwhelming in the midst of everything else that an in-house development director or one (wo)man band has on his or her p...

April 13, 2017

Holy Thursday, Batman! Lent is almost over, and I’m sure that we are all ready for the Easter holiday. Below is a recap of some of our tips to maximize giving during the Easter and Passover Seasons for our religious and secular nonprofit clients. Now is a great time to...

Happy #TipsTuesday!

Maximizing Your Events

Cha-Ching…Your non-profit organization holds various special events throughout the year, and you rake in a decent amount of money for your mission. …oh but the countless hours of planning, prep, and details are leaving you exhau...


Creating awareness is oftentimes folded into the mission of many nonprofits. So how do you get your annual report to not only steward your supporters, but to grab attention for your mission and the impact that you are making?

We’ve put together our TOP TEN...

December 6, 2016

Your end of year mailers have dropped. Giving Tuesday has wrapped. But alas, December is the number one month for giving! What can I do these last 25 days to maximize my fundraising? #OneQuestion #TurningStatsIntoAction

1. Thank all of your corporations a...

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