Tips and tools to take your fundraising to the next level

Development Masterclasses:
June 16 - Sept 8, 2022

What is Next Level Fundraising?

Small nonprofits face a big challenge in diversified and effective fundraising. That's why we created Next Level Fundraising, a 12-Week Virtual Intensive Cohort-especially crafted for small organizations who want to Take Root and Grow.

4 Actionable LIVE Interactive Masterclasses.
A Hands-on Team of Strategists to Shape Your Custom Approach to Fundraising. This workshop is available, 100% online.
Each masterclass begins with a live, instructor-led video session at 12PM EST (3PM PST).


What will I learn?

Each session focuses on a new topic:

Receive a Development LinkedIn
at the End of the Workshop

New Skills Gained

  • Effective and innovative fund development planning

  • Donor-centric inspiration and persuasion

  • Donor-centric written communication

  • Cultivation of long-term donor relationships