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25 Tips for 25 Days to Maximize Your Fundraising in the #1 Month of Giving

Your end of year mailers have dropped. Giving Tuesday has wrapped. But alas, December is the number one month for giving! What can I do these last 25 days to maximize my fundraising? #OneQuestion #TurningStatsIntoAction

1. Thank all of your corporations and foundations on social media.

2. Thank all of those for in-kind support that have made December (or year-long) programming possible.

3. You've made that LYBUNT list, now check it twice!

(Get in front of those major donors that have made a gift this year.)

4. Be the "Four Calling Birds" and share your year-long impact with donors with whom you want to build a stronger relationship.

5. Send a season greetings e-card from the beneficiaries of your mission (No ASK involved. Just a BRIEF note/images/video from the children or the rescue dog in their voice).

6. Shoot a 30-second video or less of your December program activities or a simple Thank You message from those that are impacted by your mission. Email your donor base/post on social media and tag your board members.

7. Post an email list of partnering retailers (online and bricks & mortar) that gives a percentage back to your nonprofit.

8. Create a 12 days of Christmas online giving campaign.

9. Pitch a story for the slow news week of December 25-31.

10. Ask your Board Members to add a link in their email signatures and ask people to join them in giving to your organization.

11. Be sure that you have your social media content planned and developed for the holidays... be present, even if you and your staff aren't.

12. Create a Mannequin Challenge that features your mission and include a link to donate.

13. Create your organization's page on LinkedIn and ask your Board and volunteers to share information.

14. Create an infographic to show the difference you've made this year!

15. Fa la la la la llowup with donors with whom you've made a financial request-- CLOSE THOSE GIFTS by Hanukkah, Christmas, Year-End!

16. Make your volunteers aware that they can GIVE monetarily to your organization as well. Send a targeted email. (Volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers.)

17. Remind donors of any matching challenge deadlines.

18. If you are rounding near your annual goals or specific initiative goals remind donors that THEY have the opportunity to BE THE ONE to help you reach or surpass your goal!

19. Recognize all of your donors' celebrated holidays. Segment your email list to make this acknowledgement personal.

20. For the last week of December, change your website homepage to make DONATE NOW the focus.

21. Share your vision, strategic goals, objectives for 2017... sneak peak! Get donors/investors involved early.

22. Schedule a final email ASK for December 29th, 30th, and 31st.

23. Be sure that you make the ASK with link to donate on all of your social media platforms for December 31st.

24. Provide an opportunity for donors to enroll in monthly giving as part of a New Year's resolution campaign.

25. Start crafting a short and sweet, visual End-of-Year Tax Letter chocked full of emotional appeal.

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