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Don't Be Afraid of the Challenges Ahead!

Customarily, the arrival of autumn conjures up excitement for football, festivals, and fabulous fundraising events. This year is different. This year has been ghastly in many aspects. The COVID-19 Pandemic has unfortunately altered our daily lives and disrupted pre-planned fundraising strategies.

With approximately six weeks left in 2020, most organizations are struggling to recover revenue before closing out the calendar year. In the nonprofit world, the shift to 4th quarter is an eerie reminder that we are mere months away from meeting year end goals.

Frightful as it may seem, now is the time for nonprofit organizations to focus on year-end messaging materials. Don’t “ghost” your donors. Connect with them, enchant them, and leave them spellbound with the wonderful work you do for your community!

Here at The Root Agency we don’t want any of our clients to “fall” into any scary scenarios where fundraising prospects are grim, so we have provided a few tricks get your creativity brewing and financials flowing.

FOCUS POCUS- Actions to Position Your Organization for a Magical 2021.

1. Finish your last virtual event strong.

Remember- Fundraising doesn’t stop the day after each event.

2. Position your sponsorships to focus on cause marketing versus transactional benefits.

3. Create Peer to Peer giving by making a list of past donors and distribute among staff

to assign specific phone calls.

4. Prepare Multi-Channel Year End Appeal to drop week of November 16, 2021.

Include: Direct Mail, Email Campaigns, Social Media Push, and plan a Thank-a-thon

for past YEA donors.

Capitalize on Giving Tuesday.

Schedule as many one on one meetings between now and December 31, 2012.

Don’t let the end of the year "Creep Up" on you!

Let us guide you “Witch” way to go!

Summon a meeting with us at

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